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Best broccoli air fryer

This air fryer is honestly the best! Using a distinctive however convenient way to get broccoli soft barring burning, like many different ethereal broccoli recipes, this aspect dish is simply like scrumptious oven-roasted broccoli however in a fraction of the time.

What makes this recipe so good

The broccoli air fryer is terrific simple, and offers you tremendously crunchy and scrumptious broccoli florets in simply 10 minutes! I use a two-grade cooking technique to make sure that the broccoli is delightfully soft whilst additionally being extraordinarily crisp.

You can effortlessly double or triple this recipe for a greater ideal broccoli. Just work in batches as wished so you do not crowd the air fryer basket.

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Main ingredients

Cauliflower florets Use equal-sized florets to cook dinner evenly. The smaller they are, the greater fragile they become. I opt for sparkling broccoli here, however you can additionally use frozen broccoli – simply thaw it in a single day in the fridge first, and make positive it is totally dried.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The trick to getting in reality crunchy broccoli florets is to coat the broccoli with a little oil! I like to use more virgin olive oil right here however avocado oil works simply as well. You desire to be very certain to work the oil into the cauliflower crowns so that the whole thing is cooked evenly.

Seasoning – exceptional and simple, we use salt, pepper and a little garlic powder. Garlic powder is first-rate due to the fact it coats the broccoli properly and may not burn in an air fryer like garlic cloves. If you like a little heat, purple pepper flakes go nicely with air fryer broccoli!

Chef Tips

The two-temperature approach fixes the hassle of overly crunchy broccoli that isn’t always too tender. You can also be tempted to stick to solely one temperature for the whole cooking technique however I truly propose following the technique I used right here for the satisfactory cauliflower air fryer ever!

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If you are the usage of frozen broccoli florets and desire to prepare dinner them straight from the fridge instead than ready for them to thaw, begin with them in an air fryer. When the 6 minutes have passed, when you elevate the temperature, you will put them in the oil and spice combination and return them to the air fryer. This way the seasoning can genuinely coat them – and stick. You may additionally want to prepare dinner the frozen broccoli a few minutes greater to get the florets certainly crunchy.

Adding Parmesan cheese? Be certain to sprinkle it over the florets as quickly as they come out of the air fryer. The cheese will soften a bit due to the fact it will nevertheless be hot, and it is honestly delicious. Use freshly grated Parmesan cheese rather of prepackaged shredded cheese. Fresh cheese melts higher and does not have extra fillers like prepackaged stuff.


▢12 oz fresh, well-dried broccoli florets
▢2 tablespoons more virgin olive oil
▢Half a teaspoon garlic powder

▢Half a teaspoon of salt
▢Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
▢ non-obligatory lemon peel, for garnish

▢freshly grated Parmesan cheese, optional, for garnish
Air Fryer

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large bowl (or zip-top plastic bag)

Heat the air fryer to 320 levels Fahrenheit. In a massive bowl or bag, mix broccoli florets, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Flip the broccoli to coat it well, making positive to work the oil into the broccoli crowns to make positive they’re well crisp.

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