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Homemade Zebra Cakes

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°1 field yellow cake mixture with substances for baking



°4 tsp bloodless water

°1 C very bloodless heavy whip cream

° 1/4 C confectioners’ sugar

° half of tsp vanilla or almond extract


°16 oz vanilla bark and almonds

°8 tsp vegetable ghee

° thick chocolate syrup

Directions :


1- Prepare two desserts as directed on pack additionally distribute them equally in two organized tray of equal size. I use 9 molds for pictured cake. Bake about 17-20 min

2 – Permit cake to cool earlier than switch it from cake trays to wire rack to end cooling totally. While desserts are bake and & cooling, put together cream filling.
3- In mixing bowl that has been in freezer for at least 5 min, utilise whisk attachment to whisk cream and sugar collectively to they start to thick. Time you see it coming, set mixer to excessive velocity additionally beat to filling is stiff. Placing cream in fridge to prepared to use.

4 Once desserts have cool totally, putting backside cake on cake stand . Spreading thick & even layer redecorating cream on face. Gently setting different cake on pinnacle of cream additionally press it down little so that cream reaches edges, however does no longer overflow.

5- In double boiler, soften jointly, stir occasionally, to almond bark (or white baking chocolate) additionally margarine are clean & homogeneous.


6- Lay the cake stand over a wire rack that rests on a massive baking sheet with edges all the way out . Carefully pour soften white chocolate on cake, cowl pinnacle and aspects equally and definitely as it runs on it.

7- Let cake to chocolate has totally cooled additionally “hardened” – for 15 min or so. At this point, you can serve or refrigerate to you are equipped to do so.

8 – Just earlier than serve, pour chocolate syrup on traditional zebra cake.

Enjoy !!!


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