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How to Dice an Onion… the Easy Way!

Do you comprehend how to cube an onion the convenient way? This approach for dicing an onion is quicker and simpler than the regular way, and it’ll make you a seasoned in the kitchen any time a recipe calls for diced onion.

Maybe you already comprehend how to cube an onion, however if not, don’t worry. We all started out somewhere! Whether you’re studying a new ability nowadays or simply searching for a refresher, this put up will exhibit you how to cube an onion easily, quickly, and safely!

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We’ve covered a available how-to video, plus step-by-step guidelines and photographs in the recipe card at the give up of this post. Before you scroll all the way there, though, be positive to study thru the Chef’s Tips part for good-to-know tidbits for dicing onions!

Why You Should Know How to Dice an Onion

It’s undeniable. Knowing how to cube an onion easily, quickly, and safely is a extraordinarily accessible kitchen talent to have. There are so many instances and recipes when you desperately want fine, even chunks of onion. Sure, you ought to possibly parent it out as you go, however why make matters take longer than necessary? This foolproof approach makes dicing onions SUPER easy.


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Onions match in a range of diets, cuisines, and recipes. On their own, onions are naturally paleo, Whole30-compliant, low carb, keto, gluten free, dairy free, sophisticated sugar free, vegetarian, and vegan. Just be cautious what you pair them with!

I’m no longer joking when I say diced onions are fantastic versatile! They complement an exquisite variety of one-of-a-kind flavors. You can devour them uncooked in salads or on warm dogs, sauté or caramelize them, bake them into casseroles or egg cups, or toss them in the Instant Pot with different ingredients. Since they exhibit up in so many recipes, I’d say it’s in all likelihood a appropriate notion to understand how to reduce them up! Being in a position to shortly dice an onion will make so many recipes that a whole lot less complicated for you.

You can reduce them in strengthen to make your recipe prep even easier. Diced onions will hold in the fridge for 7-10 days. Just make certain to save them in an hermetic container – primarily so they’ll remain sparkling and crisp, however additionally so they won’t make the relaxation of the fridge scent like onion.

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What You’ll Need to Dice an Onion Easily

Onion – Any type, any size, any number. This technique works for them all!


Knife – You’ll prefer a very sharp, massive kitchen knife. Smaller knives will work however they’ll make the method take longer and it’ll be a little extra involved. Even if you suppose your knife is surprisingly sharp, sharpening it a little proper earlier than reducing into your onion will solely make your existence easier.

Cutting Board – If you’re going to cube a couple of onions, or even simply one large onion, make positive to use a massive sufficient reducing board. If your board tends to slide round when you’re cutting, area a layer of paper towels or a kitchen towel beneath it.

Chef’s Tips

Knowing how to cube an onion effortlessly is great, however you want to do it safely, too. Careful with your fingers! You don’t choose to seize a fingertip beneath the knife blade. To guard your fingertips, dome your hand that’s retaining the onion. This maintains your fingers tucked out of the way, making it plenty much less possibly you’ll by chance reduce one.

There’s no crying in baseball cooking, so how do you cube an onion barring your eyes welling up with tears? Easy! Pop the onion in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. Your fingers will get bloodless however your eyes will remain dry! You should additionally keep your onions in the fridge till you’re prepared to chop them.


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Don’t contact your face (especially your eyes!) after you cube your onion. Not earlier than washing your fingers thoroughly, at least! The chemical that makes your eyes tear up when you reduce an onion will be on your hands, and if releasing that chemical into the air is adequate to make your eyes water, you can simply think about how getting it immediately in your eye will feel. If you have any cuts on your fingers or hands, put on food-safe gloves whilst hand


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Peel away paper layer of onion, then use sharp kitchen knife to reduce away onion pinnacle (stem end) and backside (root end).

Place onion upright on slicing board, standing it on one of its now-flat ends. Slice onion into two equal halves, slicing down from pinnacle to bottom.

Peel away outer layer of onion halves.

Lay peeled onion 1/2 flat-side down on slicing board with one curved aspect going through you. Make vertical slices alongside onion, about ½-inch apart. Slices need to solely go to about ¾- to 1-inch from side of onion furthest from you, to maintain it attached.


Rotate onion so one flat cease is going through towards you, with connected give up contrary your slicing hand. Following herbal curv

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