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Frozen Yogurt-Covered Grapes

Frozen yogurt-covered grapes are an easy, healthy, and scrumptious way to fulfill an afternoon candy tooth. With juicy, crisp inexperienced grapes and a coating of prosperous vanilla yogurt, these are a notable tasty frozen snack that you and your youngsters will love. Top them with your preferred granola for a little greater crunch. I wager you can’t devour simply one!

This recipe is subsidized by way of Sprouts Farmers Market, however all ideas and opinions are my own.

What Makes Frozen Yogurt-Covered Grapes So Good

Frozen yogurt-covered grapes are one of my favourite snacks, and my children love them, too! The grapes are juicy sweet, and the yogurt coating freezes into a delectable shell. Every chew is best and crisp and full of flavor.

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You solely want TWO ingredients! Well, three if you prefer a little granola topping, however that’s optional. All you HAVE to have are grapes and yogurt! And the fine section is – all of these components (even the granola) are on hand at your nearby Sprouts Farmers Market! I love when I can get all my buying finished in one cease and Sprouts makes it so convenient to discover all the healthy, scrumptious substances I need. Their produce area is amazing!


This recipe is so handy to make. There’s zero cooking, zero peeling, and zero mixing. Just freeze, dip, and freeze again! The most “difficult” section of this recipe is possibly crushing the granola, however you can pulse it in a meals processor or high-speed blender to make it easier.

Frozen yogurt-covered grapes are some other high-quality snack to make with your kids. They’ll have so a whole lot exciting “decorating” their very own grapes! Plus you don’t have to fear about a big, sticky mess or any unsafe home equipment and utensils.

Key Ingredients for Frozen Yogurt-Covered Grapes

Grapes – What would frozen yogurt-covered grapes be except the grapes? You can use inexperienced or pink grapes here, whichever you prefer. I noticeably endorse the seasonal Limited Green Grapes and Limited Red Grapes that Sprouts incorporates this time of year. Actually, I love their complete choice of limited-time, special types of grapes! Cotton candy, gum drops, moon drops – they’re all fantastic. The Limited Green Grapes will provide you a little sweet-and-sour flavor, whilst the Limited Red Grapes have a mild, candy flavor.

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Yogurt – You can really use any taste yogurt here, however I stored it effortless and traditional this time, opting for vanilla Greek yogurt. If you’re dairy free or paleo, you can use a compliant yogurt like Kite Hill Vanilla Almond Milk Yogurt!


Granola – Optional, however delicious. I love the brought crunch you get from the sprinkle of beaten granola. It’s a extremely good way to add greater flavor, too! Use a sweetened granola or a granola with berries to construct off your frozen yogurt-covered grapes

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Chef’s Tips

Want a surely creamy, yogurty shell on your frozen yogurt-covered grapes? Dip them twice! Follow the complete recipe thru as written. After they’ve sat in the freezer for two hours, take them out and dip them in yogurt a 2nd time. Return them to the freezer for any other two hours, then get rid of the toothpicks and enjoy! Note that you’ll likely want greater yogurt than the recipe calls for if you’re giving them two coats.

Make positive to supply your yogurt a top stir earlier than dipping the grapes! You don’t prefer it to be separated. Depending on how lengthy it takes you to dip all of the grapes, you can also want to give up and stir it a few instances to maintain it smooth.

Work in batches as wished to maintain the grapes frozen, specifically if your kitchen is warm. They want to be dry for the yogurt to stick well, so you may also now not be in a position to get thru all 60 earlier than they begin to thaw and sweat a little. You would possibly want to work in smaller batches of 10-20 at a time, and return them to the freezer as quickly as the full batch is dipped.


If you’re planning to hold these frozen yogurt-covered grapes in the freezer for a few days, preserve in idea that the granola may soften a little. Freeze the grapes in an hermetic container to maintain the whole lot as clean and crunchy as possible. You can add a layer of plastic wrap on pinnacle of the grapes (beneath the container lid) for greater protection.


60 Sprouts Limited Green or Red Grapes about ¾ pound
cup Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt see Notes
cup Cascadian Farm Organic Oats and Honey Granola crushed, optional



Remove 60 Limited Grapes from stem. Wash grapes entirely and pat dry. Place dried grapes on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place baking sheet in freezer for two hours or till grapes are frozen.

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Remove grapes from freezer. Insert one toothpick into every frozen grape. One by using one, dip frozen grapes into ¾ cup full fats vanilla Greek yogurt. If the usage of ¼ cup beaten granola, dip yogurt-covered grape into granola

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