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Christmas tree cake recipe

Christmas Tree Cake
No holiday meal in years, including the 2012 New Year’s Eve table, can do without a festive Christmas cake. We present to you the original cake “Christmas tree” in honor of a beautiful tree, which, no doubt, will honor every home with its presence.

All housewives try to prepare the most interesting and thematic Christmas and New Year’s Eve dishes. The most popular Christmas and New Year’s Eve d├ęcor is the familiar Christmas tree. The most festive Christmas tree looks like a cake. It can be served at midnight and everyone can blow out the candles and make wishes together.

Ingredients for the Christmas tree cake:

For the dough:

200 gr. sour cream,


3 eggs,

3 tbsp mayonnaise,

1 tbsp. sugar,

5g salt,


1 tsp. baking powder,

2 tbsp flour.

For the cream:

500g sour cream 40% fat,


200g. sugar.

For the cake batter:

0.5 tbsp. grated cranberries with sugar.

For decoration:


Frozen strawberries,

Multi-coloured cake sprinkles,

50g grated un-filled chocolate.

How to Make the “Christmas Tree” cake:

Whisk eggs with salt and sugar, add sour cream and mayonnaise. Mix the flour with the baking powder and sift through a sieve. Knead the dough into a lightly fluffy dough so that it runs off the wire whisk.


Pour the batter into the silicone Christmas tree mould.

Bake the cake in an oven at 170-180 degrees.

When cool, cut it in half lengthwise. Do this with a long, wide knife or a fishing line.

Meanwhile prepare the cream for the Christmas tree cake: beat the sour cream with sugar with a mixer. If the sour cream is not thick enough, add a little cream thickener – it should hold well when you stir it with a spoon.


Grease one half of the cake with grated cranberries and sugar.

Place the second cake on top and also soak it in the cranberries.

Brush the top and side of the Christmas cake with soured cream.

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Decorate with strawberries and cake sprinkles. Place a strawberry star on top of the Christmas tree cake. Sprinkle the stem with grated chocolate.

Soaking Christmas cake “Christmas tree” is fast enough, so you can make it in the morning on the day of the celebration. Merry New Year and Merry Christmas!

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