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Salmon Meuniere

Inspired by means of the basic French sole meunière, this salmon meuniere is a scrumptious salmon recipe that’s extra than valuable of a chef’s kiss. Flaky, smooth salmon fillets dredged in flour and pan-fried in a scrumptious browned butter sauce. It’s a awesome convenient dish that’ll WOW your pals and family!

What Makes Salmon Meuniere So Good

This dish may also sound fancy and complicated, but it’s simply particularly simple. Dredge salmon fillets in a flour mixture, then pan-fry them in a scrumptious buttery sauce. Serve it up with your favourite pasta, crisp asparagus, oven-roasted brussels sprouts, or sautéed zucchini. What may want to be easier?

“Meuniere” is the title for the cooking technique used here, so in addition to salmon meuniere, you may want to have other-things-meuniere, too. Sole is the regular fish-of-choice for this dish, however sole tends to be a pricier option.
Did you get right here with the aid of Googling “salmon meuniere botw”? If so, welcome Zelda fans! That’s right, this dish is clearly featured in a aspect quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not that you want to be a gamer to experience a tasty salmon recipe. If you have a Zelda/Link fan in your house, though, this ought to be a exciting way to deliver the sport to existence a little!

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Key Ingredients for Salmon Meuniere

Salmon Fillets – Tender, flaky salmon is a exquisite source of protein and wholesome nutrients. It’s no secret that salmon is prosperous in Omega-3 fatty acids. Why do Omega-3s matter? Well, they’re quintessential nutrients, however your physique doesn’t truly produce them. Research indicates they can enhance cognitive and arterial function, decrease infection and blood pressure, and mitigate chance elements for a wide variety of diseases.


Capers – The ending contact on this salmon meuniere. Capers supply the dish an greater pop of taste and texture. They’re now not always section of a standard meuniere dish, however they’re a extraordinary addition. If you choose to pass them, that’s absolutely fine.

Chef’s Tips

Careful now not to overcook the salmon! A few minutes on every facet is clearly all you need. The salmon fillets need to be opaque, tender, and flaky inside. A meals thermometer will supply you the fantastic thinking of the place you stand – goal for an interior temperature of 125°-130° Fahrenheit. That’ll supply you medium-cooked salmon, however hold in thought it’ll proceed to cook dinner a little as soon as you take it off the heat.

I’ve left the skins on the salmon in this recipe, however you can use fillets with skins eliminated if you choose them. Just take into account to modify your cook dinner time as a result so you don’t overcook them!

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Salmon meuniere is pleasant served immediately, so I propose getting all your different aspects prepared earlier than this is finished. Don’t let it take a seat around, or you’ll lose some of that crispness from the pan-fried flour coating. If you have leftovers, you can refrigerate them in an hermetic container for a day or two. Reheat them on the range with a little butter or impartial oil till warmed through.



¼ cup all-purpose flour
1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
3 6-ounce salmon fillets
6 tablespoons butter divided
juice of half of a lemon about 1 tablespoon
2 tablespoons sparkling parsley chopped
1 tablespoon capers


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Place flour, salt, and black pepper in shallow baking dish and whisk to combine. Set aside.


Pat salmon fillets definitely dry with paper towels. Dredge each facets of each fillet in flour mixture, coating well.

Heat 3 tablespoons butter in forged iron skillet over medium heat, swirling butter till it browns.

Shake off any extra flour on salmon fillets, then location salmon in skillet skin-side up. Cook three to four minutes, then flip and cook dinner 2 to three extra minutes relying on thickness of skin.

Transfer salmon to plate. Carefully eliminate butter from skillet by way of wiping it out with paper towels or pouring it into a glass dish. Add final three tablespoons butter to skillet, observed via lemon juice and parsley. Simmer two to three minutes.


Return salmon to skillet. Spoon butter over salmon and pinnacle with capers. Serve immediately.

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