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Ingredients :

° 1 bag (450 g) dry white beans

° 7 cups of water

° 1 ham bone

° two cups cooked ham, diced


° 1/4 cup chopped onion

° half tsp. salt

° a pinch of floor black pepper

° 1 bay leaf


° half cup sliced ​​carrots

° half of cup chopped celery

  • Preparation steps :

Rinse the beans and area them in a massive saucepan; add water and carry to a boil; boil two minutes then put off from warmness and let soak, covered, for 1 hour.

Add the ham bone to the pot, alongside with the onion, salt, pepper and bay leaf; deliver to deliver to boil, minimize heat, open & simmer about seventy five minutes, or to beans are tender. Occasionally, put off any foam that can also accumulate on pinnacle of the soup at some point of cooking.


Adding carrots & celery; cooking to tender.Remove bone from ham and accumulate relaxation meat: including meat to soup additionally discard bone. Stirring in soup and serving .

Enjoy !

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