Beautiful decoration ideas for the Year of the Bull .

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The New Year is drawing near and with it the main tradition of the holiday – the setting up and decorating of the Christmas tree. Whether you have a natural or artificial Christmas tree, you need a pretty decoration. Some traditional Christmas tree decorations are long outdated, others are trendy this year. You can decorate your tree in a European style, in monochrome decorations, or in the usual Soviet traditions. The Christmas symbol’s outfit should match the interior of the room where the tree stands.

Colours of Christmas decorations

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The year 2022 will be under the patronage of the Bull.

The favorite colors of this animal, astrologers claim, are white, silver, gold, and blue.

These are the recommended colors for Christmas tree decorations. Tinsel, balls and bells in these colours enhance the deep green of the needles.


They look noble and work together beautifully. You can choose one of these colors or use them all at once.

Stylists advise choosing one base color – blue or white, for example – and using this in decorations, garlands, and tinsel, and accentuating it with decorations in gold and silver.

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Red ornaments for the tree should be avoided as the Bull, the symbol of the year, will not like them. However, if you do not believe in horoscopes you can safely use them for your Christmas tree decoration. In that case, you can use a classic red and gold colour combination.

Christmas tree ideas

A white Christmas tree with natural decorations

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White is one of the biggest trends for 2021 and is the color of the symbol of the Year of the Bull. Another current trend is eco-friendliness and closeness to nature. Decorate your tree in white and silver – use different-sized balls, stars, tinsel, and angelic figures. Decorate with real or artificial acorns, cones, and berries. Use a silver or gold light for illumination.


Country style Christmas tree

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This style calls for an abundance of pretty toys and handmade decorations. The Christmas tree has a homey, cosy and atmospheric look. You can decorate the tree with fruit, gingerbread biscuits, homemade snowflakes and stars and handmade toys.


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The minimalist style calls for modesty and minimal decorations. It’s perfect for short trees and trees with sparse branches. On such a tree is usually used no more than 4 kinds of different decorations in one or two colors. Modesty and moderation are some of the trends for 2021 and qualities that the White Bull appreciates.


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If you have any old worn-out soviet toys and “raindrops”, then feel free to get them out for the new year. The family new year can be celebrated with a cozy vintage-style Christmas tree. Colorful decorations with a long history will be liked by all – the main thing that such a Christmas tree fits into the interior of your flat. In a flat with modern renovation such a Christmas tree will look out of place. Vintage Christmas trees are especially fun for children to decorate, so let them be creative and tell the story of the old toys.

Rustic style

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This style features lots of wood, textiles, fabric decorations and ribbons. A Christmas tree which looks cozy and homely. You can decorate such a tree with wooden toys, textiles, candles, pinecones and fake snow. Use beige, green, gold, burgundy colors for decorations.


the end.

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