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Ribeye steak


° 1 rib steak

° sea salt flakes

° Freshly floor black pepper

° 60 gm butter


° 3 sprigs of thyme

° 2 clove garlic, mashed with peel


Take the steak out of the fridge at least 1/2 an hour earlier than you prepare dinner it, so it reaches room temperature. This is an necessary step to make sure that the steaks prepare dinner evenly.
When you’re equipped to cook, season the steak generously. Sprinkle lots of salt and pepper on each aspects and practice to the face for even coverage.
Heat a frying pan. If you’re cooking two steaks, make positive the pan is giant sufficient to in shape the slices comfortably.,
Utlize two pans & warmth them simultaneously. Adding steaks to skillet and prepare dinner over medium-high warmness for two to three minutes on every aspect (depending on thickness and diploma required). As a guideline, a 3cm steak need to be cooked after 5 minutes. If you have a meat thermometer, the inside temperature need to be 50°C for rareness, 60°C for medium and 70°C for pleasant cooking.
After flipping the steak for the first time, add the butter, thyme, and garlic, and stir for 1 minute. To do this, tilt the pan towards you so that the butter collects at the backside of the pan, then persistently pour the butter over the steak.
Remove the steak from the skillet and let it relaxation for 5 minutes. Don’t be tempted to ignore this step, it’s esentiel. Pending cooking process, meat particles stick jointly, so if you slicing steak immediately after cooking, all the juices on the board will run out. The resting time lets in the particles to loosen up and reabsorb their fluids, which capacity you won’t lose these scrumptious juices when chopping.
Slice the steak, season and serve with your desire of aspect dishes and sauce.


Enjoy !

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